Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Crafting Community

As I wrapped up my summer market sale this year, at the same time, I was getting ready for my end of summer Manyfest Event that takes place in our downtown. This was my second year attending this event and I always look forward to it. It is one of those once a year events that take place that for a second year in a row left me in awe of the organization that puts it on, and the people who attend it!

By far my favorite thing about this event is the evening. There is a big stage which always lends way to fantastic local talent, a huge wine and cheese tasting area, chairs, tables and candle light everywhere! Everywhere you look, there are candles, lighting up the night. There are people of all ages holding hands, dancing, singing and truly enjoying the night. This year the weather was perfect. Purely perfect for this wonderful evening. It was a great way to end the summer. And did summer ever end! The next day it was windy, cold, overcast, and summer was gone.....

Following that sale, I worked like crazy to get ready for a bigger sale in Brandon, Manitoba - Brandon's Big One. It was great, very busy on the Saturday, and slower on the Sunday. As with all sales, I forgot something! Two somethings this time, my sign (which is a big no no to forget) and part of my wine princess display. I also thought to complete my display, I needed an empty wine bottle. So guess what I did that Saturday evening?  Yup, I needed an empty bottle so I needed to drink the wine!

I have learned a few lessons from the crafting community. You will meet some people who will steal your ideas, copy your work without asking, talk badly about you, or not talk to you at all. Then there are the people you will meet who will admire your work, provide you with good feedback, share knowledge of other sales with you, be honest with you, share their check lists with you so you don't forget your sign in the future! There are crafters who will become friends, ones you will see at many sales and they will greet you with a genuine hug. I made so many great acquaintances, and friends in my fellow creative peers, and those are the ones I enjoy seeing so much! It is a busy time of year for us, and I wish you all success, great sales and fun times!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogger, did you fail me?

I am not sure what happened with  my last post, but I noticed that Blogger only published a portion of my post! I downloaded more than the mere 3 or 4 pictures that you saw, that is for sure!

So, what I wanted to share with you, was some of my latest journals...

Some fun cards.....

Some crafty treasures from my trip to the USA! I can't believe some of the great prices I got on some of these things...

I know that I said so much more in my post that somehow seems to have gone missing. Forgive me, I have been very busy and very tired, but I will be back soon with some more!

If you see anything here that you would like to buy, please let me know, before it is all gobbled up at my next sale!

Happy Day, thanks for taking the time to check in!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two weeks to go....

Wow, I have two more weeks before my BIG sale and some days I feel like I am going to go crazy! I have been working really hard, making some really beautiful Christmas Cards, and loving all of the new things I bought on my last trip to the USA for some crafting goodies!

This is just a quick post with a few pictures, but I will be back with some more in the next day or two.

Here are some of my Christmas cards, actually only a few of them!