Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A weekend of Scrappin Fun

This past weekend, I took part in something I have never done before. I joined a group of ladies, called "The Scrap Chicks" for a full on scrap booking weekend!

How this came about is actually a funny story. I was selling some craft items on Kijiji and started communicating with a lady online. She invited me to the scrap booking weekend and I invited a friend. So we were going to drive an hour and a half to a camp and spend a whole weekend with 25 or so women that we have never met! Weird I know, but it turned out so well! We had fun, met a great bunch of ladies who like to do what we do, and we made some friends along the way.

This is what the camp looked like and where we slept.
We each had a bunk to ourselves, sleeping on the bottom!
This is Julie, who is also a Party Lite consultant if anyone needs any Party Lite!

The beds were comfortable, but boy did they squeak. As my friend Michelle said, there would never be any monkey business going on at this camp.

Here is what the lodge area we were working in looked like before and after set up.

These ladies were hard core I tell you! When I left the house, my husband thought that I had allot of stuff I was taking, but some of these ladies brought suitcases full of stuff, tackle boxes, drawer units, you name it, they carried their paper, embellishments, books, ribbon and so much more with them! They literally brought it all. But I know why now.  They stayed up, some of them until 3, 4, 5 in the morning working on their scrap booking projects!

Everyone working away!

They amazed me, I tell you. The longest I lasted was until 2 am, and an hour of that was spent chatting with some other ladies while we were in bed! Just like at real camp, like teenagers.

The camp was great. We were served three meals a day and a nightly snack. We had coffee and tea anytime we wanted. Our camp director and the cook were a young married couple from Florida. Bless their hearts for surviving a year in our winter, way out in the boonies! They lived on no modern heat, just the heat of a fireplace, and encountered many problems along the way. They were in their last few weeks here at the camp. Wow did they take care of us!

This was Jackie and Chris and some of the great food he served us!

 I was working on Haley's year one album. I have the rest of her years scrap booked, but not the first year. My goal was to get to her first birthday party and I am thrilled to say, I did it!

Here are some of my layouts, using all Creative Memories  paper products!

We really ate so much good food. We were brought snacks at night, of the baked variety, tea and coffee.

These brownies were so yummy!
My favorite was one of our lunches of taco salad with home made chips! This is Michelle enjoying that lunch oh so much!


On Saturday morning we woke up to snow! I was a bit disappointed at first, but it did make for some wonderfully beautiful scenery!

After the snowfall

So the weekend came to an end, and it was a good time! It made me realize that sometimes I get so focused on making cards and doing other paper craft items, that I forget how much I love just scrap booking my own albums!

This is the group of scrap chicks!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Now go ahead and get scrap booking!



  1. Scrap Camp...a fabulous idea! Wish I could go every other weekend! Fun times, and exactly like a bunch a teenagers at camp!!

  2. It's nice to have some time to oneself to create beautiful family scrapbooks. You did a great job, and captured some gorgeous snow landscapes too.