Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little bit of beauty in it all

This morning as my husband was leaving for work, he asked me if I decide to get dressed today, maybe I could go outside and take some pictures of the hoar frost! "Smart Ass" I thought as I looked out the living room window to see what he was talking about. It was still a bit too dark for me to see, I hadn't even had a sip of my coffee yet!

But a few moments later I looked outside, it was beautiful!

My friend Tavia posted a picture on facebook, and I was in a state of dreaming, wishing I had a beautiful country road to walk down.....

Thank you Tavia for the use of your beautiful picture!

I took one look at my buddy Duke, who is suffering (alongside my husband) from S.A.D. I decided I should go and take him for a walk and take my camera with me, all the while not sure why my husband wanted the pictures. He just thought it was beautiful out and he does love the outdoors! So I put on my beautiful Sorrel boots, all prepared to make one hell of a fashion statement!

Wishing I could walk down a beautiful country road, knowing it was not possible, I went to a street in my neighborhood that came as close as I would get to a country road......

And we had a great walk! Duke wiggled it all the way, stopped to pee about 20 times, and only tripped me once!

Then as I was lost in thought, we came across this tree with a wee bird chirping inside. I could hear him but he was hidden...
This made me think of how sometimes at this time of year, we feel bound. Like this tree covered in a blanket of snow. We want to shed those extra pounds, take the duvet off the bed, open the windows, wear lighter clothes, cute shoes and just breathe a little bit! Soon it will come right? We made our way home, Duke and I. Then I thought to myself, if I am having these thoughts, what is Duke thinking? I bet he was thinking about chasing squirrels, snapping his jaws and eating wasps, rolling around in the grass giving his back a nice scratch, chasing the ball in the lake, following us back and forth, back and forth and yet again as we putter around the yard. Oh the fun!

Oh isn't he so cute!
 Then we come upon our flower basket that once held the pretty purple Johnny Jump-up flowers and now just has a pile of snow upon it!


My potted Rosemary, forgotten with the first snowfall.
It's a good time of year to dream about all the things we have to look forward to. All the long summer days, the warm summer nights, backyard BBQ's and sitting around the fire with friends. I dream of the days and nights I will sit in my Adirondack chair having a cold beer or a glass of wine.....

And I will listen to the beautiful song of my wind chime....

And I will wait.....patiently, I will wait for......

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Great pictures! Makes me feel like I was on your walk with you~!