Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Cheating! U2 Phenominal

OK, so I am cheating today! I basically just copied my post from my other blog and I am sharing it today on this blog! I know it is likely the wrong thing to do, especially if I have any of the same readers on both blogs, so to those readers I apologize. The rest of you, happy reading! Let me assure you, I am not cheating because I am being lazy or have nothing to write or gosh forbid nothing creative to share. I do! I just thought Bono was worth 2 blog posts I guess!

I was lucky enough to see Bono on stage once, a few years ago. He did not sing though. My company held a leadership conference in New Orleans for all North American Managers, and our surprise was a guest who was going to help our leader announce a new partnership. That partnership was none other than (Red). It was very exciting, and inspiring to have Bono up on that stage to speak to us, share his passion for a better world, and influence us with his words and his vision. Leaving that stage, he left us all in a flutter of excitement, in awe, and we all knew that we would leave that conference, (in part because of Bono's message), a better person.

Here I am a few years later and I had the fortunate circumstance of seeing Bono with U2 perform live! I say a fortunate circumstance because it is not like it was announced that the band was coming and we bought tickets. A friend passed along a facebook message through Manitoba Eco Network, asking for volunteers to encourage recycling. All you had to do was send an e mail, stating in a sentence or two, why you wanted to volunteer. That was too easy! Come on, how could I not send an e mail. I received a reply right away. Man alive was I excited. A few hours of volunteer work to see U2 live, count me in!

A friend of mine that I once worked with was also going, and I was glad for that! Dave and I met her there, and started to worry that our volunteer leader was not there. In fact, we seemed to be the only three gathered! The two of them started to wonder if it was a scam. I am not at all a trusting person, but that thought never crossed my mind. I pulled out my paper and read it right there, that we were to meet Jim, and we should look out for him in a green Manitoba Moose shirt. He had a few minutes still, maybe it would all be OK. Then I started to wonder where all the other volunteers were.

You see, for whatever reason, I imagined Jim to be some bald headed guy with a big belly,wearing a bright neon green Moose t-shirt. I have no idea, it's just what my head does. Then I happened to notice a group of people gathered, and there was some really good looking, tanned, dark haired fellow talking to them, obviously their leader. Upon looking at him MUCH closer, Michelle and I realized that under a black hoody, alas was the dark green Manitoba Moose shirt! Well hello Jim! I am pretty sure that instantly, Michelle and I had a crush on him. An innocent crush. I think all the guys did too! This is where I would insert a picture of Jim if I had one. I asked my friend to secretly take a photo of him with her phone, which she did! Said friend though is very late in getting that photo to me!

We very casually walked up to join the group, hoping he hadn't noticed us standing those 20 feet away, like idiots! What I am sure he did notice, is our school girl giggles as we could not stop staring at him. However, we noticed our whole group, guys included, could be found staring at him.

 I have to say, it was an easy few hours of volunteer effort, with the exception of one annoying person. When we were done, we were told we would be taken into the inner circle to enjoy the concert. Being that I am not a concert goer, I had no idea what the inner circle was. My friend tried to explain and even show me a few pictures on her phone, but I didn't get it. Well let me tell you, the inner circle was fantastic! We were right by the stage. I thought I may hate it, because I am 5 foot nothing and can never see over anyone. But that was not a problem, there was plenty of room and we had a great view!

I did not LOOK like I was going to a concert, I looked like I was volunteering :(

How could I NOT take that shot!

I can say  that seeing U2 live in concert was without a doubt, one of the best evenings I have had in a long time. As always, Bono was an inspiration, and the concert was phenomenal!

I always thought that buying concert tickets was a luxury, something that my hard earned money should not be spent on. I no longer feel that way. Last summer we were lucky enough to go to more concerts than I have been to in my whole life up until now. The Black Eyed Peas were the only tickets I bought. It is Haley's favorite band, and I got them for her for big birthday number TEN. But by the end of the summer, I was lucky enough to have seen Keith Urban, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi, Black Eyed Peas, Joan Jet and Aerosmith!

What do you feel like after you have gone to a concert?

Always, thanks for taking the time to read!


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