Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspiration in June

Well hello there June 1st! It is nice to see that you brought the sunshine with you. It has been cool and dreary and we have missed you these past few days!

I wanted to share some summer fun and show you the pages I worked on for May/June and BBQ season. The end of May was so beautiful and I don't know about you, but we did enjoy some nice BBQ's here at my place! These pages were inspired from that! Check them out!

This is using my Creative Memories Cheerful Summer paper. I just love the Cheerful paper, it is just as the name suggests! You can also check out some other Cheerful paper on my website here.

I have also made a few new journals with some lovely paper. One has already sold, but I really liked the way they turned out.

Today being June 1st, I also planted most of my garden. I always wait until after the May long weekend, and I am glad that I waited this year again. It was also my first day back at my summer job. My summer job is tending to the yard of a young professional couple, Jenny Lynn and Jay. They have a great yard with so many different areas to grow flowers, it's wonderful. But yikes did I have my work cut our for me there today. They also want me to remove their strawberry patch, which will be a big job. I am looking forward to seeing it all done and all of the flowers that are overgrown trans planted to other areas of the yard.

Looking at my journals and thinking of all the plans I have for their yard, reminds me that I really should make a gardening journal for myself! I also need to REALLY get busy in my own yard. Hopefully it will be sunny skies this weekend for doing just that!

These are the baby Robin's that were born in their nest in my garage LAST week.....

This is a picture of them THIS week! I cannot believe in one week how much they have grown.....

The pictures of this week are a little fuzzy because I was scared that the momma bird would come and peck my head off and I am a little freaked out by birds!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks for stopping by.


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