Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Plea to YOU!

Dear Prince, 3rd Eye Girl and the NPG, this is my plea to you! To my followers, I assure you this is still the same blog you have been following, today's post has just taken a bit of a turn.
It is all over social media that you, Prince, are opening the doors to Paisley Park this Saturday Night. All your band mates, even the Horn section is tweeting about it! Wow, that is amazing. Super, just stab me in my already broken heart why don’t you? Because I cannot be there! I have seen you and the NPG here in my hometown; I have flown to Chicago for a girl’s weekend to once again see you and the NPG.  Both experiences were beyond amazing. I have even made the 8 hour drive to Minneapolis from home, to see you and your all girl band 3rd Eye Girl at the Myth. Once again, I was blown away. I stood at the base of that stage completely in awe, a dream come true.
I was thankful.
I was satisfied.
I am a wild soul, a dreamer, and I always want for more.

I want more.

So while I was happy to see you in your hometown, and I thought I was satisfied, I no longer am. I want to see you at Paisley Park. Full on, the NPG, 3rd Eye Girl and the Horns! Oh yeah, that's this weekend, but I can't go!
I am a busy girl! I am working so hard every day, all day, and all night to prepare for my own upcoming shows of a different kind.
You see, I make things. Nice things, pretty things, useful gift giving things!


I bake things. Good things. I sell things, and I have shows to be ready for to make some money! Perhaps to go to YOUR shows!

 As much as I would like to drive to the Canadian/USA border, cross it, stop in Fargo to stock up on some supplies and make my way to Minneapolis, I am a bit busy. You see Prince, the second week in December and beyond, would really suit me better. Then, I am free as a bird. Anytime.
So while I am happy for all of those people in your hometown who get to experience YOU, 3rd Eye Girl, the NPG and the HORNS, all in one building, I know, a great time will be had by all.

 I believe that there is a right time for everything; I know there will be a time I get to experience Paisley Park. I put it out into the universe, so it will happen. So like I said, the second weekend in December and beyond would be just great. My birthday is in February so that would work too! This weekend, perhaps is just not my time.  
While I am working away, weather it is diligently writing, or my artisan projects, I take time, moments  in my day to listen to some of my favorites...
Prince and 3rd Eye Girl
Prince and 3rd Eye Girl
Liv Warfield and NPG
Groovy Potential

I take time out of my busy day, and yes I get my latest Prince info from this dude in LA.

I hop on to Instagram and this guy always makes me laugh...
Realgoodsax - click here to follow him and check it out on Instagram!

Your October Surprise would normally make my heart beat fast, but today it just made me... FIRST, say some strongly worded things that I won't repeat here. Then it made me just so glad, and thankful that you are doing this now. I hope you continue to do this!

So while this is my plea for you to open up Paisley Park AGAIN another time, (when perhaps this Canadian girl can make the road trip yet again to Minneapolis), it was also my clever way to show my readers around my blogs, (go click on the links people!), and let them see what I have been working on. I have also introduced them to you, and your amazing extension of a band! You see Prince you may be clever and highly intelligent, but so am I! And yes people, I know Prince is not really ever going to read this!
In all seriousness though, if by chance you ever do read this, please make my broken heart, my wild wandering soul happy and open your doors to me! Just do it again another time when I can make it. OK. Because the other time you did it a few months ago, I was on the beach, and well it just didn't work out then either! You all know at this point in this post, that I have definitely been working too hard, as I have seemed to go off the deep end! I think I have been so busy creating, that I have been missing blogging.

So to my real readers, anyone local reading this, please come to my shows, share the info with your friends, support locally made, and help me to keep this thing going so that I  may continue to work out of my home,  I really enjoy the creativity I get to share with you all, and that is my plea to you! Please check out my Events page here. And visit my other blog Moments in Time with Tannis! I'd love to have you there!

 Thanks for visiting! Take Care! Tannis



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