Thursday, January 16, 2014

New at Michaels

I'm in the January doldrums. It's been cold for most of the month -35 or -40 with the wind chill. Yuck!

At times this has me uninspired and stuck in a rut, unable to focus on creating something new.

And today...I made a quick stop at Michael's on my way to pick up my daughter!

Nothing lifts my spirit more than new, bright, never seen before product. Suddenly, I got really light on my feet, I started to sing to myself and then shit! I realized I only had 5 minutes!

I only bought 2 things, but I will be back!

Check out some of it here and when you have time, go check it out!

Oh the things I can create with this great new product from Recollections, DCWV, and Heidi Swapp!
What do you think of the new product?
Happy Crafting everyone, thanks for visiting!


  1. Lol! I love Michael's too! And I love when they have new stuff - so fun to look at and (occasionally) buy. Visiting you from your SITS tribe.

  2. Thanks Sarah! Happy you stopped by!

  3. Nothing like a trip to the craft store to brighten your day. Our closest Michael's is almost an hour away so I don't go very often but I love it! Hi from SITS.

  4. I can get so lost in Michaels! One of my favorite places to shop. :) I used to scrapbook way back in the day but then got lazy. lol Stopping by from your Sits tribe. :) XOXO