Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vintage Chic Designs - Part 2

Another completed album! My new style of workshops really has me and my ladies on a roll! I think this may be the quickest album that I
have ever completed, but I don't think that it lacks in anything. In fact some of the pages I designed are my favorite. Take a look and let me know which ones are your favorite! To see the first half of the album, please check that out here


All pages are designed by me, using Creative Memories Vintage Chic paper. Right about now, I am wishing that I had more of this paper, but in reality, I have so many other great choices of paper to move onto.

Not only have I designed a completed album, but I have added my pictures, all that is left to do is the journaling!

This picture here of my girl just makes me happy! When I look at it, my eyes lock on her eyes, and I love the smile I see all the way through her, reflecting out of her eyes.

This was taken a few years ago in Kelowna at a lavender farm, and I can still smell the beautiful aroma. There was a beautiful little spot on the upper level where you could get lavender tea, lavender scones, lavender lemonade. It was so beautiful, and this is a day I hope to not forget. There was nothing outstanding about it, except for the way I felt when I was there. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I loved seeing the color at every glance, no matter where I was. From the baskets of dried lavender to the dried bouquet to the specs of lavender in my scone, I felt like I was in a place where time could stand still.

You are a touch away

Yet I cannot reach you.

I want to whisper, so only you will hear;

By the guidance of the moon

Meet me, under the willow tree.

When you reach me,

Hold my hand in yours

With the other, touch my face and

Kiss me once, kiss me twice

Take my breath away with your love

When you come to meet me,

Under the willow tree.
                                                                                                           Tannis Ross

We were on a boat ride when I looked to my right and saw this big beautiful willow tree. There has always been a spot in my heart that goes a little pitter patter when I see a willow tree; since I was a child and saw my first willow tree like this in Vancouver, BC while visiting my aunt. I swear on this day, the sight of this tree took my breath away!

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