Friday, February 11, 2011

Happiness can be found in a new journal

OK, I will admit that lucky things do not usually happen to me. But when they do finally happen, I assure you, I embrace those lucky moments, even if they are few and far between.

One of those lucky things happened to me yesterday! I came across a beautiful book that would allow me to make the most amazing journals! Well, I think so anyway. And here is the lucky part, they were on clearance! So I bought 20. The lady at the store thought I was crazy, but I could not believe it!

So I came home and I made a few journals out of those books! They are a sketch book, with beautiful natural pages, no lines. I have had a few customers request them, so this gave me a chance to make a few. I had my friend Dana in mind when I made this one, I don't know why, the paper just reminded me of her and I think she prefers this kind of book instead on lined paper, and she is very natural. I hope she likes it, but Dana if you are reading this at some point and you don't like the paper, no worries!

This is the one my daughter liked, of course because the flower has glitter on it and she loves anything glitter!

I love the spine of these books!

So I loved the quality so much and had all of these ideas of books and journals I would make, that after lunch, I went back and bought all of the rest on the shelf. I think I have enough to make over 50 journals. I just hope I can sell them all! So if you know anyone you would like to gift a journal to, or maybe one for yourself, let me know!

Last Friday, the "Crafty Ladies" met for their scrap booking class. I thought it was fun! We will have a group of six. We have an 11 year old sweetie in our group and a 79 year old sweetie as well, that is our age range, and it makes it very diverse and so great! Unfortunately I didn't get enough pictures, only 2. I will know better for the next class!

Elyse and her daughter Alyssa

And the next day I had my weekend sale at the Assiniboia Downs, a fundraiser for MRDA (Manitoba Riding for the Disabled). It was a very interesting sale! It was more like a flea market, with antiques and collectibles there as well! My husband had a great time walking the floor over and over again. Each time, finding a new treasure. We each bought some things. My two finds were a box full of Martha Stewart magazines for $5. For anyone who knows me, they know magazines are an addiction for me and definitely NOT something I needed to buy. My other find was the first work of fiction written by Deepak Chopra, and it was an advanced copy! I got that for $3!

Anyway, I was also allowed to have a bake table, which I did! It was a great sale, we had fun and met allot of superb people!

Most people were not thinking ahead to the following  week and Valentines Day, so I came home with some of my gift packages, but sold almost all my cards. Of course they were hungry too, so I didn't really come home with much baking either!

My most memorable moment would be an elderly man working at a booth across from me, he came and bought one of my jars of salsa, telling me he didn't like the *#@! from the store because of the taste and all the preservatives in it! I assured him mine had no preservative in it and it was good. The next day as I was helping a customer, my husband came up to me and pointed. I looked to find the elderly man eating one of my chocolate caramel pretzels he helped himself to. He wanted to pay me I guess and not my husband. When I walked up to him smiling he said "everyone is walking around eating these things, I just thought I would try one. Do I have to pay for it?" He bought two, and at the end of the day, I gave him two more to take home!

People like him make my long crafting days all worth while!

Take care, have a great weekend! I have an all day scrap booking day planned with some friends on Saturday so I am hoping to get some work done on my albums! Hope you get to do something creative this weekend too!


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