Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gearing Up for Sales

I spent weeks trying to find some craft sales to get into and nothing! Then all of a sudden there were many! Many is a common thought in my head! Some times I get too many ideas, have too many things on the go, and eventually I hit a brick wall because I have no where to go!

Anyway, I was thinking of some new ideas for two big sales that I have coming up, one near Easter and the two big ones for Mother's Day. Yikes I just realized they are back to back. I thought because one was in April and the other in May that I was ok. But it just so happens one is April 30th  and the other May 3st. Yikes! Wait until my husband finds out. Oh and the following Monday I am having my floors re done. You see, too much at once!  I digress, see how my brain works?

So here are a few samples of some of what I have been up to.....

And this......
Last night was my Friday night scrap booking class that I hold every Month and wow those ladies were quick! They are just getting that much better at what they do! I will post pictures soon of our pages so far.

Have a great, and enjoyable weekend everyone!

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