Monday, January 23, 2012

A Small Mom Business

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today

I can't help but think how true this really is. Sometimes I wonder... when I was working full time, outside of my home, why didn't I take more vacations? Thinking back now, I had the money. I made good money!  Where did I spend it? Did I shop too much, eat out too much, did my girl have better quality clothes? Did I actually buy myself clothes back then? Did I put it away for a rainy day?

I can tell you, many rainy days have come and gone, and I certainly didn't go out spending money I had socked away.

This Facebook post was timely for me. I just had a friend open up her house to me, and we set up some of our "goods", invited some friends over, had some food, sat around chatting. We had a really nice time.

I came home, thankful for this friend and her support of me, and what I do, what I make and what I sell. I was thankful for her friends who bought journals and cards from me, and scrapbooking supplies from a direct sales company that I am associated with, Creative Memories.

I have met many people the last few years, and made friends with some phenomenal men and women who share their love of creativity. Some make soap, woodwork art, some make their own jewellery, some are in direct sales with various companies (and there are many of them out there!). But no matter what they do, which company they are associated with, or if it is their own company, all have one thing in common. They are all passionate about what they do, they are mostly supportive of each other, they all work very hard, and they all appreciate each and every sale, no matter how big or small.

Many of these people who sell the things they make, or sell the product they believe in through a direct sales company, are doing so to allow them to stay home with their kids and raise them. Some do it to pay for a dream vacation they have always wanted to take, some do it as a hobby that they love and that makes them feel good! Some do it, because they are doing what they believe in.

I do it, because I love to work with  my hands, I love to be creative. I need to be home right now to provide my daughter with a learning environment that allows her to flourish. I need the brain space to deal with a learning disability of my daughter, that in the past, has crippled me emotionally. I do it because right now it is what I love, and any other job right now does not allow me the freedom to heal what needs to be healed, nor the freedom that I need to figure out the next chapter of my life.

So the next time you are invited to yet another catalogue party, jewelery party, candle or wax party, scrapbooking party or get the idea! Why not go, and take a friend. It doesn't mean you always need to buy something, but maybe your friend will. Maybe she won't, but that is OK. The next time you buy a card at the dollar store, a cheap bar of soap, think of the friends you know that lovingly make their own; and support them. The next time you are invited to a craft sale, go, and buy a gift that is unique and not bought at your local big box store. Alot of work goes into knitting a one of a kind scarf, a hand made quilt, a one of a kind blouse, designed by someone who sketched it while her son played at her feet. Buy that friend or neice or mom, a journal if they are going through a hard time, writing can be theraputic for so many reasons. Buy a photo taken by a local photographer, a painting that is created by a local artist. I challenge you, the next time that you want a new piece of jewlery, hold out, and buy it from someone who makes their own!

I hope that some of you who are reading this, know that I have referenced you, and the things you make or sell, and I encourage you to link your web sites, facebook pages and business links here!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a lovely day!



  1. Love what you wrote and agree.. Here is my facebook page and I just opened an Artfire shop
    Thanks and I will be sure to follow your blog:)

    1. Thanks so much! I will definately check out your facebook page!