Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunshine on my face


Walking in the park today, it is a warm, sunny, winter afternoon. A winter that feels more like spring. The snow at my feet is melting, the sun casting a shine so deep and so warm, causing the slush to pool around foot prints, the concrete is wet and glistening. The sunshine on my face is so welcoming on a day like today when I feel the pencil on my page won’t move across the paper fast enough. A walk may slow me down, as I start to move faster.

I love,  that in January, I can sit on a park bench and the sun is warm enough to allow me to write without gloves on. It’s a beautiful thing. I wish I brought my camera, to capture the sun, bright in its glory, with no clouds hovering; it is just all on its own. Of course I have my cell phone, but have no idea the picture quality. Well, the truth is, I don't know how to get the pictures from my phone, onto my computer! 
I can feel the heat, on the side of my face, on the curve of my neck, and I can close my eyes and see the bright white, and wait for that to change color, to a color I choose in my mind. When I open my eyes again, and look at my writing book, I realize, man this is shabby! I need to make myself a new one. So when I am done with my walk, with my little moment of peace in the park, I make my way home, to pick out some supplies!

In the end, I re covered a book that I was already writing in, I am not ready for a new one of these, and for a new journey I will embark on, I made another. A day that started out rotten can end well.

Today when Haley got home, wow, girlfriend was feeling all domestic I tell you! She had her snack, watched 15 minutes of TV and then said she didn’t want to watch the TV. Suddenly she started with a floodgate of ideas. First she told me about a cupcake club idea that she got from a book that I bought her for Christmas. She wants to start a club, bake cupcakes and sell them in the summer to make some extra money. She wants to sell them on the street like when she has a lemonade stand. I tell her it’s not such a great idea, and together we come up with a plan that she can use a portion of my table at my summer market. How can I do anything but think this is fabulous. The girl has an entrepreneurial spirit already!

The next think I know, she is in her kid’s cookbook, wanting to make an appetizer or a dessert. She settled on dessert, and made her own vanilla pudding (from a box) and when she served it, it was layered with bananas and coconut!

While I was cooking dinner, she cleaned off the dining room table, put out the place mats, made name tags for the table, set a candle in the middle. When I walked away from my dinner prep, and came back into the kitchen, she was cleaning up my mess. I took one look at her, and in that instant, I got the same feeling as I did earlier that day, closing my eyes, letting the sunshine warm my face and my neck. Now I know that some may not see the beauty in this, but with whatever Haley may be missing in smarts with having to live with a learning disability, she makes up for in compassion, love, and kindness. Some may not see it every day, but I sure do. I love that girl! I guess that is why since she was a baby, I call her My Sunshine!

Have a good week everyone, thanks for stopping by!

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